Lawmakers Pass Patchwork Budget and Capital Bill Before Adjournment

Illinois Lawmakers adjourned their spring session at the end of May after the Democratic majorities in the Illinois Senate and House patched together a $35.7-billion budget for Fiscal Year 2015 without extending the temporary income tax increase.

The “maintenance” budget keeps spending close to current fiscal year levels, but Democratic legislative leaders warn the move only postpones critical decisions about the state’s finances until after the November general election.  Republicans criticized the budget-making process but were pleased Democrats did not vote to increase taxes at least for now.  Democrats and Republicans did reach a bipartisan agreement on spending $1.1-billion on a new capital program for roads and bridges for next year.

The final Illinois Lawmakers program of the spring session features analysis by publisher Rich Miller, exclusive newsmaker interviews with Senate President John Cullerton (D) Chicago and House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) Chicago and a GOP response from Deputy House Republican Leader Patti Bellock of Hinsdale.  Hosted by Jak Tichenor.

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