#3106 - Budget Impasse Continues

Illinois Lawmakers appear no closer to breaking the state’s nearly one year old budget impasse as the spring session comes to an end on May 31st.

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#3105 Budget Discussions

Illinois Lawmakers are talking about raising taxes by $5.4-billion while cutting $2.4-billion from state programs, but they’re running out of time to reach any agreement on the business-friendly reforms Governor Rauner wants before signing off on any new revenues.

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#3103 - Eleven-Month Old Budget Impasse

Illinois Lawmakers are expressing guarded optimism about ending the state’s eleven-month old budget impasse by the end of May.

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#3011 - Fiscal Crisis Continues (Week 3)

The Illinois General Assembly has wrapped up its work for another week in Springfield and there’s still no sign of a budget agreement nearly three weeks into the state’s new fiscal year.

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#3009 - End of Session and Budget Impasse

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democratic majorities in Springfield remained far apart over solving the state’s budget problems when the scheduled May 31st adjournment date passed without agreement.

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