#3207 - Senate Democrats Approve Budget

Senate Democrats have approved a $37.3 billion budget for FY 2018 and the taxes to fund it but its fate remains uncertain in the Illinois House

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#3206 - Grand Bargain Inches Forward

The Illinois Senate advanced parts of the so-called Grand Bargain in Springfield in hopes of ending the state’s nearly two-year old budget impasse, but a final agreement remains elusive.

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#3205 - School Funding Reform and Budget Crisis Impacts

State Journal-Register political columnist Bernard Schoenburg updates the week’s news at the Capitol with Illinois Lawmakers host Jak Tichenor.

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#3204 - No Clear Pathway Out

The Illinois General Assembly starts the countdown to adjournment on May 31st without a clear pathway to ending the state’s nearly two-year-old budget impasse.  Capitolfax.com founder Rich Miller headlines this week’s program as Illinois Lawmakers begins weekly coverage during the month of May.

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